How to write quality literature review?

Before you start writing literature review, it is important you understand what does literature review means and the requirement of such review. Basically, literature review is a vital process that needs to be followed while writing a dissertation. The main purpose behind the literature review is drawing attention of the readers towards efforts you have put in writing a successful research proposal. Review as the word means is just analysing what you have done for your research project. Now to put up the best literature review you need to take into account certain steps such that you write a quality literature review. Literature Review Writing Help can guide you to complete this work.

The following steps can help you write a quality literature review:

Methods used in research

When you are writing a literature review you will need to explain the kind of research activity you have done. How you managed your research, how you collected the information needed for your research project, why you decided to choose these resources for your research project and how you examined all the data you collected in detail.


You can draw a structure showing how you started your work in a step-by-step diagram. Why you chose a particular topic? How you constructed the whole research project? All these concepts can be presented in a structural form. Your literature review should be chronologically structured. That means first there should be an introductory part, then full body of the review and lastly a comprehensive conclusion which should have been carefully edited.


Giving a detailed information of the work done by you. All the hard-work done to put up the research project is need to be explained. Connecting the links to each other and giving a conclusion to all the debates and arguments you have written relating to your topic. Try to note down important issues and the different medium such as magazines, newspapers, articles, academic books that you have referred for carrying the research work.

Writing a literature review is a tedious job. But still this work has to be done and need to be submitted to your mentors before you can start your writing work on the topic you have chosen. UK Dissertation Help Online is the most usable medium for writing literature review. While writing literature review do not forget to introduce the topic on which you are writing the review. The review should be sufficiently summarized so that the reader understands the issues of the research project. When writing the review do not limit your area always try to be thorough and complete in your work. Never worry about the length of the literature review. It may be of few pages or might take many pages. It all depends upon the research topic.

Your literature review should reflect your ideas and issues clearly to the reader. There should not be any confusion in the mind of the reader. Hope this page helps you in writing quality literature review.

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