What is Computer Science Dissertation and why topic selection is important?

Computer Science is a branch of engineering that is a four-year full-time course and covers the study related to computers and the technology involved in it. The chapters or areas that are covered in Computer Science Dissertation topic are programming languages, information systems, network theory, study about operating systems, algorithms, data structures, software development lifecycle, and many more. Among all these fields, programming language is the most important and demanded subject. The popular programming languages in today are- JavaScript, C sharp, Java, Python, C++, etc. In the below segment our Computer Science Thesis topic experts have briefly described some of the trending dissertations of computer science.

  1. Insight of Software Development Lifecycle Process – A software development guide is mostly followed by almost all Information Technology companies in their software development process. There are a total of six phases in SDLC process. Dissertation Writing Help tells that, In the first phase user stories are determined by Requirement analysis. This phase is followed by Planning and then the Development Phase begins. The other three phases are- Testing the software, deploying it to the server and then providing Maintenance support for the product. 
  2. A brief Introduction to Cloud Computing – It is an advance topic in computer science. Cloud Computing was introduced with an aim to reduce the cost involved in purchasing of software and hardware components. Its advantages include high Reliability, scalability depending upon the requirement, security, productivity, etc. Hybrid, Public and Private Cloud are its major different types. In our website, you can get dissertations on Computer Science Dissertation topic on different types of cloud that are- IAAS for IT administrators, Software developers use PAAS and End users have SAAS.
  3. Analysing the techniques involved in cryptography – The method in which codes are used to secure information that is transferred between two or more persons is known as cryptography. First the text is encrypted and then a secret key is generated which is shared with the receiver. The key is used by the other person to Decrypt the message. Some algorithms are used for verification of identity, generation of decryption keys, etc. You can now get thesis on demand by contacting our Dissertation Helps team. 
  4. Studying the Network Theory – Computer Science Thesis topic related to Network Theory includes Network structure, graph theory, Types of networks, etc. If we talk about the basic components of computer network then they are- Modem, router, switches, Hub, cables and connectors, etc. Network architectures can be classified into two types- Client/Service network and Peer-to-peer network.
  5. Latest Operating System and its characteristics – A software that helps to run the computer by communicating with the hardware is known as Operating system. Linux, Mac OS and Windows are the popular operating systems that helps the computer to manage its resources, provide graphical user interface, manage the processor and memory, etc. There a wide variety of Computer Science Thesis topic you can find in our platform.

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