What is Information Technology Dissertation and why topic selection is important?

Information Technology or commonly referred as IT, comprises of technologies that are used to access information with the help of devices such as computer systems. In one way or other, in our daily lives, we are surrounded by technologies and it has a great impact whether we are viewing any data or storing it. Ranging from individual uses to local operations and global enterprises, Information technology is used by everyone. Dissertation Writing Help will guide you through all intricacies of this subject and help you draft a top-notch quality dissertation on IT. Below are some examples of dissertation topics shared by our Dissertation Helps experts. 

  1. Role and Importance of CRM Software – In layman terms, CRM is a software that stores customer data in cloud applications such as service cloud, sales cloud, etc. This is the most demanded Information Technology Dissertation topic by students. Our experts ensure that each dissertation is written form scratch and there is no redundancy or even a little of plagiarism. If CRM is used to its full capacity, then all companies- whether small-scale or large-scale, can get immense benefit form it.
  2. How Businesses are affected by the piracy issues – It is well known that Information Technology industries are facing hard time to secure their software and eradicate the software piracy problems. Up to certain extent the software piracy has been controlled by mandating the registration number while installing the software. But in the long run, businesses do get affected by piracy and that results in overall loss of the company. You can find many Information Technology Thesis topic around this.
  3. Exploring the concept of E-commerce – Information Technology Dissertation topic- E-commerce gives us an insight of IT. As the use of electronic devices and technologies increased, that was the time when electronic commerce or popularly known as E-commerce came into picture. The backbone of e-commerce is the Internet. By the help of a device that has an internet connection to it, you can start using E-commerce platforms to buy or sell any services or products.
  4. Analysing the broadband technologies and its opportunities – Broadband technologies have been classified into six main types and all are present in terms of Information Technology Thesis topic in our platform. A study says that more than 90% of users access the Internet with the help of their mobile phones. The broadband speed is continuously improving and increasing since its launch. And at present, the global average speed is twice the speed that was recorded in the year 2018.
  5. The evolution and history behind touch screen technology – It was in the 1960s that the first touch screen was made. One of the leading Information Technology companies- Microsoft, implemented touch screen technology in their devices in the year 2002. Now you can find this technology in car navigation systems, tablets, laptops, mobile phones, ATM machines, etc. To get a detailed dissertation by IT experts on this topic or any other Information Technology Dissertation topic, you can visit our website.

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